2015 Tutorial Workshop

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2015 Tutorial Workshop
Getting to the Core: Reconsidering Identity and its Layers to Promote Creativity

  Session Chair
Dr. Adriana E. Edwards Wurzinger
Associate Professor
Saitama University, Center for English Education & Development (CEED) - Japan, Saitama Prefecture, Saitama City.


We normally understand our Identity as our anchor, our stronghold, our firm answer in times of doubt and struggle. What if, just for a few minutes, just for today, we could fully engage in a challenging exercise that would rattle our Identity “cages” and open up a very different view?

This tutorial session will take us on a journey towards a better, more comprehensive and honest look at how our individual and collective sense of Identity operates. We will build our answers together, explore our questions and issues, identify the reasons why we do not feel comfortable with change (and why we should or shouldn’t!), and put together the pieces of a puzzle that is as exciting as it is terrifying: a real Sense of You.


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